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Forces In Europe
1985 Series Canadian Forces In Germany Allied Forces in Italy-Naples Second Vehicle Allied Forces In Italy-Naples
1946-58 Belgian Forces in Germany 1958-Current Belgian Forces In Germany Belgian 1958-Current Later Issue
Belgian Current Large Motorcycle 1981-1988 British Forces in Germany 1975 Series Netherlands Forces In Germany
1966-73 US Forces In Germany 1973-1982 US Forces In Germany 1982-90 US Forces In Germany
  1990's US Forces in Germany  
2008 US Forces Azores US Forces Azores Base Lajes-Terceira Island Contractor US Forces Base Lajes-Terceira Island Contractor (back side of the plate on the left)
1961 Allied Forces In France German Forces in The Netherlands UK-USA Exchange
Non-Approriated Vehicle Schinnen Base 54th Support Group Schinnen Allied Forces Central Europe (Netherlands)
Allied Forces Central Europe Long Size Allied Forces in the Netherlands Allied Forces US size to fit US car