This page gives you the option to visit my car license plates collection, the plates I have for trade, or the pages I dedicated to the classic vehicles I have in my posession. Just click an image.
My entire plate collection Being a car license plates collector, I like to share my collection with other collectors. You can choose by country, and then browse the pages one by one if you want to see the whole collection.
The plates I have for trade Want to know which plates I want to trade? Then check out this page!
My old car Another passion of mine are classic cars and motorcycles. This '55 Peugeot 203, which I have for more than 10 years now, could easily be my every day car. Given the fact that it rains a lot in Belgium, it should be a crime to take it out in such a bad weather...
My classic Triumph Classic motorcycles? I like them, too. Perhaps you might want to see some pictures of my'73 Triumph Bonneville (the one and only, the original).
My old car

I recently bought a Citroën Traction Avant 11 légère. I always wanted to drive a car like this. Pretty special, but fun to ride! Check out the page I dedicated to it.