On these pages you'll find different kinds of things. The motorcyles that I own at this very moment, but also the ones I owned previously. I also wanted to mention the many advantages of the Smart Fortwo Cabrio. And... for the music lovers, there's a link to my music site as well. Hope you enjoy it!


I'm Ann, Rick's wife. I like to share my hobbies and interests with other people. I love motorcycles. I own a BMW K1100LT, although the BMW K1 still remains my favourite bike.

I posted a brief description of all the other bikes that I owned through the years.

As I already mentioned, I'm also into music. I'm composing my own music, a quite unusual style that I tend to call 'Ethereal Rock'. It's a mixture of rock with a dancebeat and ethereal influences, which sounds a bit strange at first, but after a while becomes familiar. It doesn't wear off quickly. There's a number of MP3 songs on my music site. Check it out!

Last update: 2007-05-15