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This website is about a sport that doesn't get the attention it deserves in the traditional media : ULTRA-RUNNING.

bulletWhat is ultra-running ?
bulletAre ultra-runners a sect ?
bulletWhat is the world's best performance at 100K ?


What is ultra-running ?

All distances longer than the marathon(50K,100K,24 hours, ...) are ultraruns. Ultra-runners are at their best at these distances or find it a challenge to run them. I was a modest marathon runner (PB:2h25) but at the distance of 100km I was at my best and had a successful career.


Are ultra-runners a sect ?

No, ultra-runners are free to participate in marathons and even shorter distances without being expelled. In my country they even organize the Marathon-& Ultracup(Dutch) where every distance runner is welcome. However we must warn for the danger of addiction once one has participated in an ultrarun, although it's not scientifically proved that it's contagious.


What is the world's best performance at 100K ? 

In spite of what is often said and heard my time of 6 hrs 03'51" is a proven fact and officially recognized by the V.W.J.L., the only official federation for ultra-runners at that time in Belgium(Flanders). The course was properly measured and that night time went as fast as it usually does.

6 hours 3 minutes 51 seconds W.R. since 21st of June 1986

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