The Dutch version of this certificate is the only official one.

Flemish Walking and Jogging Leaguevzw

Sports federation recognised by the 
Ministry of the Flemish Community 
Sports en Open Air Recreation


The FLEMISH WALKING AND JOGGING LEAGUE v.z.w. hereby confirms that the times which have been run during the 7th NIGHT OF FLANDERS, organized by its member nr. 100 NIGHT OF FLANDERS TORHOUT on 20-21 June 1986 with start at 21 hours at TORHOUT are the exact recorded times.

A copy of the official result is attached to this certificate to be part of it inseparably. The official result is, with that purpose, also signed by the Secretary of the Federation, Thierry ALTRUY, and the Chief Arbiter of the Federation, also on duty during the 7th Night of Flanders, Francois VERSLYPE.

Attached to this result is also a true copy of the official report of measurement of the Surveyor Jozef BLOMME at TORHOUT, drawn up at TORHOUT on 25 May 1985 together with its two appendixes being the detailed paper of the "little lap" which the participants had to cover and a detailed reproduction about the way the course was measured, as well as the supplementary official report of 11.08.1986 of the same Surveyor about the changed course at WESTENDE.

These official reports describe the course as it was covered by all ultrarun-participants at the 7th Night of Flanders, who reached the finish line.

Drawn up at Aalter on 2 December 1986 and signed by :

for the V.W.J.L.

the Secretary-General
Thierry ALTRUY 

the Chief Arbiter

"Declared a true copy"