Welcome to my Goonzu Guides website!

If you're new to Goonzu, please start by reading the Beginner's Guide.


August 13th, 2007: I've stopped working on the website. The info currently available is still useful to alot of new players, so I will keep the site online!

(February 26th, 2009: Working on second version of unclouded's goonzu guides with updated content and layout (mainly cuz of the fansite event ndoors launched), you can watch a sample here)

(March 1st, 2009: Screw it, they keep changing the game, and well it has been going downhill since ages... NDoors is only after profits from itemmall, and I refuse to waste my time building a site for them for free actually, so I'm going to focus on a more interesting project ^^)

May 27th, 2009: Go check out the new website I'm building at mye.sevenants.net! It's a sort of online entertainment database, right now I'm still working on the games section.

The Horse Training guide was made by Geisha.
All other guides were created by me, unclouded.