ďMost kids who want to argue what punk rock is when they are 15 years old or whatever, they were like two or three years old when our band was started!Ē he rants. ďThatís really young. I was like two or three years old when punk rock started. Itís dumb. Itís dumb to talk about like it was this or it was that. Youíve just got to do what you want to do and be sincere and genuine about it. It doesnít matter what kind of music you play, if you do that and are really sincere, itís going to show and youíre going to be a great band. The punk rock thing is a thing you can argue about. Itís a term you argue about when youíre 15. It means nothing to me when Iím almost 28 years old and want to be a songwriter.Ē

Tom Delonge.