Sentenced to life although innocent !!!

Shaken Baby Syndrome versus Vaccine-Induced Encephalitis


My name is Alan Yurko. l am sentenced to life in prison without parole for a heinous crime which I did not commit, nor do I believe ever occurred. In effect, I am sentenced to die in prison. My case is quite startling in that I was wrongly convicted of killing my infant son. Enclosed is a medical report from a distinguished pathologist, which outlines and shows my innocence. My son died of natural causes. He was born prematurely and in respiratory distress. My wife had serious problems with her pregnancy. Gestational diabetes and group B streptococcal sepsis contributed to the severe perinatal disease, which was instrumental in our son's death. Her labor was induced due to severe complications which threatened their lives.

My son did not fall, wasn't dropped, nor was he shook to death. One day he stopped breathing, I rushed him to the hospital and 75 hours later, he died. We had no explanation until we received this medical evidence. Because we could not explain it, we were assumed to have been responsible. From that point we were labeled and not even stringent, methodological, histopathological evidence was enough to stop the tide of injustice.

Circumstantial evidence and our inability to pay tens and tens of thousands of dollars for competent lawyers contributed to this injustice. A recent statistic shows that five people out of 100 convicted of Shaken Baby Syndrome are innocent. Five people per hundred will die in prison wrongly. I am one of those five. l refuse to accept that. My family refuses to accept that.

Please read the enclosed and help our family. I have been researching the medical aspects of the death of our baby. State experts claim Shaken Baby Syndrome yet our expert claims natural causes. I did not shake my baby. Also, our expert states that the intercranial bleeding did not occur until after I took him to the hospital?

I have found out that viral infections and bacteria were rampant. My wife had Group B Streptococcus and neonatal glycemia. Our boy was premature (35 weeks) and birth was induced due to severe drainage of the amniotic fluids. He was born in respiratory distress. Meningitis was also prevalent in the histopathology.

I have formed suspicions and remote theories that another factor, my baby's vaccinations are only days prior to his death, thus the rampant signs of infections in the histopathology findings. Adjacently, I suspect that they were cumulative symptoms and effects of all the factors (and others) that resembled Shaken Baby Syndrome.

The cumulative scope of medical problems (GBS, RDS, Pneumonia, Prematurity, Meningitis, et al.) and opinions already set forth by Dr. Shanklin and others suggest differential diagnoses that were not explored or discounted by the medical examiner or hospital. I did not murder my baby, I must find out how he died.

Differential diagnoses include Late-Form Hemorrhagic Disease of the Newbom and othe coagulopathic disorders, as well as Vaccine-Induced Encephalitis. However, I suspect that the findings enclosed here are but only part of some cumulative factor.

Recently, an opinion has been rendered by Harold E. Buttram MD, FAAEM, that vaccine-induced encephalitis was proximate cause of death. His report is too lengthy to include here, but is available upon interest.

We pray that after reviewing this information, that you andlor your colleagues allow us to forward further medical record for your review and comment. In addition, we ask that you assist us in broadenmg our networking base by providing names and mailing addresses of competent professionals in the areas of pathology, neonatology, perinatology, forensics, immunology and pediatrics, etc... We desperately need your help.

Family and supporters of my innocence are helping to send these letters to people who may be able to help. Surely you, or someone within your collective will be impassioned to help us. We are in need of legal, medical, informational and philanthropic persons to assis us in networking and resolving this injustice. We are specifically in need of any information relating to Shaken Baby Syndrome as well as competent professionals (i.e. pathologists, neonatologists, immunologists, pediatricians, medical doctors, lawyers etc.) to assist us in our endeavors. Names and addresses of such persons, as well as forwarded referrals are also needed. Our case and plea is featured in the January/February issue of Neonatal Intensive Care/The Journal of Perinatology Neonatology. We are desperately reaching out. Please respond.

AlanYurko & Family

Contact: Alan R. Yurko AX13917, C-1, 112 upper
Washington Correctional Institution
4455 Sam MitchellDrive
Chipley, FL 32428-3501

And: Francine Yurko (his wife)
P O. Box 585965
Orlando, Fl 32858-5965
Voicemail: 1-800-388-8035 ext. 8470
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