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Welcome on the website of Stud Farm "Van de Meerheuvel"

Let's have a short introduction ...

May we introduce ourselves? We are Gilbert and Maria Claes – Van Immerseel. Welcome on the website of our Shetland Pony stud "Van de Meerheuvel". Let us first tell you how it all started ...

One day, my wife and myself felt like having a pet and ... we bought our first Shetland Pony. We realised that being alone was lonesome and rather sad for that first pony. So we got soon a second one. That was the beginning of our hobby which, in the meantime, became a passion. Nowadays, we already built 30 years of experience in the world of Shetland Pony breeders.

All our ponies have pedigree and are registered in the Belgian Shetland Pony Stud-book. The first letter of the name of a Shetland Pony is always dependent on the year of birth. Each year, there is another letter of the alphabet.

Ponies also have a "surname". The latter is dependent on the stud farm where it is born. As a stable name we have chosen the name “Van De Meerheuvel” for our Shetland stud, all ponies which are born at our stud receive that surname.

Ponies keep those names during their whole life.

Shetland Ponies can become 30 to 35 years old. A Shetland pony does not require very much. The stallions as well as the mare are very gentle towards children and are very affectionate. From time to time, there are little foals at our stud. They are so lovely. Sometimes, they are for sale. Come along and have a look. Visitors are most welcome.

In the first years, we participated to lots of contests. We always obtained very good results. We won several Belgian championships and one of our mares got the very first title of “Star mare of Belgium”. For many years we participated in competition. It gave us a lot of pleasure. Later on, I became a member of the jury after having followed some courses. I realised that participating to contests and being a jury member are not very compatible. Therefore, I have withdrawn as participant in order to continue as a jury member only.

Since that moment, we focus on the breeding of Shetland Ponies. We possess three approved stallions, amongst them the smallest pony of Belgium. He is 64 cm tall from the shoulders. We try to breed as small as possible (small head), but maintaining a high quality. The colour of the ponies does not matter to us.

We would like to wish you a lot of pleasure when visiting our website.

Please feel free to make an appointment. Just give us a phone call or send us an email. As said, visitors are most welcome.

Gilbert & Maria Claes - Van Immerseel
Hogeheidelaan 7
B-2960 Brecht

'    +32 (0)3 636 07 87
'    +32 (0)476 34 32 22
*    gilbertclaes@telenet.be




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