Introduction of our family


We are Gunther and Véronique and we have a fourteen year old son Jonas.  We always had dogs but the moment we met a leo male we were totaly in love with this great  bear !!We looked after a breeder and a few month later we could bring our puppie home; it was a sweet girl called Viana .  She became a beautiful young lady and  was Belgian Champion in 2000.  When she was four year she had her first litter and after that she had another two litters.Out of the third litter we have chosen a sweet little girl and we named her Cattoo van het Wallenhof.  At this moment she is almost three year and in the spring she will have puppies . This happening is to follow on the web.   A lot of pleasure  !!! In the spring of 2006 Cattoo hed 10 puppies, 6 males and 4 females, they all live with nice people !In november 2006 Cattoo became Belgian Champion, what were we proud of her !

 A little later in  May 2007 our first leo Viana passed away very suddenly, she became 10 year ! She was such a sweet and charming lady, we will never forget her.  We  maybee plan to have a litter again with Cattoo next year in the spring .