WORK & Professional Challenges

Jan van Knippenberg

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JvK has almost 30 years working experience in Information Technology, specifically in the area of logistics, inventory control systems, production and quality control management systems. JvK is Industrial Engineer "bedrijfskunde" and has a M.B.A. in Operations Research & Marketing. Since "FSP & ERP"-relations and the "General Systems Theory" of Kenneth Boulding, Strategies for Real Life systems Development he concentrated mostly on General I.T. Project/Program management. The most published vision was : GLOBAL_PROGRAM_MANAGEMENT In powerpoint : GPM A project template : Project Office

As Project Manager of large scale I.T.-projects, Jan has acquired solid expertise in project management. He focused on integral logistics and management systems. The international project groups he managed installed factory-wide, leading edge, quality information systems for the paper industry. Based on sound general project management practices and the right tools to monitor and control these projects they could be implemented on time. Jan has been working in most European countries and is used to perform in a multinational environment.

The general tread through his live has been PRICE, in relation with M.I.S. As you can see in his masters paper : (fsp-erp), experience in decision preparation in multi-nationals and the last approach to handle large projects the glue that holds it all together is price. Is lately concentrating on Senior Project Management and communicating and project management via the Intranet.