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The family

Born in Ukkel, a suburb of Belgium's capital Brussels, on January 2nd of 1942, I am, what they call, a "Warchild". Not that I remember much of it apart some bombardments and my first taste of american chocolate at the Liberation in 1944. In 1965 I married Jackie.  Our only daughter, Katrien, was born in 1968, she has a son named Sam who is a real football afficionada and plays goalkeeper in a first Division club. We live in Beersel-Dworp which is situated 15 Km south of Brussels. We are proud of the medieval castle situated in Beersel. I am a retired press-photographer, so, do not hesitate to take a stroll through my gallery! My homeplace Dworp is a small but fantastique little village of the "Pajottenland", an area famous for its gastronomy and his local artisans-made beers called "Geuze" and "Kriek". One of the most famous blenders in the village lives in the Vroenenbosstraat The small picture (on the right) shows you a really popular snack that local people enjoy after a good walk in the wood. It shows a glass of GEUZE beer with a leaf of dark bread topped with white soft cheese and red radish. There are also a lot of horses everywhere in Dworp, probably because of the nearby wood called "Hallerbos" where they can go for a gorgeous ride.

The Pajottenland 

Is an area South-West of Brussels reaching as far as Galmaarden.  A bacteria, only found here, makes it possible to brew the famous Geuze an Kriek beers.

The region of


When I was a kid we had 5 breweries for the 3.000 inhabitants of Dworp. Not bad, hé? Our village has one of the best geuze blender of the region.  Altough Hannsens makes his beers in the traditional way he exports his beers worldwide with the USA on top of his list. Personally I prefere the Kriek beer but that is a matter of taste.
Plattekaas met radijzenop bruin brood Jackie Relaxing - Provence Self-Portrait Shukothai - Thailand Monument Valley - USA