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Permutations generator

version 3.9

Input string:     Max output:     Max width:
       I recognize comma separated input/output (e.g. 1,10,100,1000):
       Be careful: there might be no way to interrupt ;-)
Sort the input string, resulting in sorted output
Display the permutations
Circular permutations only
Necklaces only: circular only, but without distinction between clockwise and anti-clockwise
Derangements only: no element can appear in its original position
Allow adjacent equals (and first and last when circular only)
Wrap output
Shuffle output

       Total count:

Note: This is a very simple and very inefficient algorithm.
Another note: The source code is available. If you are using Internet Explorer, right click in your browser window and select "View Source". This opens a Notepad window from which you can save the source as an HTML or text file. If you want to 'execute' the HTML-file locally, don't forget to remove the Statcounter code near the bottom. Your browser can (and should) also issue a security warning. You can safely ignore it. The procedure should be similar in other browsers or in a non-Windows environment.

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