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An immortal fumble by James Harris (19-Apr-2003)

I *will* turn to the Army to help me with mathematicians.
Joona I Palaste wrote in message news:...
> James Harris scribbled the following
> on sci.math:
> > One of the great blessings in my life has been the love of story, and
> > in my own searches for truth I've often relied on the great stories of
> > humanity's past--its mythology and religions.
> (snip)
> James, if you haven't been able to prove FLT yet, just say so. There is
> no need to write long-winded excuses like this post.
> I don't know enough about math to accurately criticise your proof
> attempts, but from what I've seen of your reactions to criticism of
> others, you don't seem to be a quite sensible person.

Dude, I am SO bored.

I'd think things would be MORE interesting if my FLT proof were
Then at least I wouldn't have to keep bothering with mathematicians.
It seemed like such a good idea, find a short proof of Fermat's Last
Theorem, get famous, get cash, hang out on the beach (my latest
addition to the plan).
Trouble is, I never figured that mathematicians were both incompetent
and stupid.
Oh well, new plan as now I get to use the Hammer with full force,
which is probably what was intended.
Now, no feeling sympathy for mathematicians who start marching with
signs like "Will work for food" in the future, as I've given them lots
of opportunities to play right.
I will not show mercy going forward. I was trained as a soldier in
the United States Army after all.
And when the US Army plays a game, we play to win.
Yup, you guessed it. If worse comes to worse, I *will* turn to the
Army to help me with mathematicians. And then mathematicians don't
think the NSA or CIA can save your asses, as generals LIKE me.
And I think I know the CIA and NSA better than any mathematician.
When push comes to shove, they'll throw you out with the garbage.
They'd personally shoot you themselves, if it were necessary.
If I have to sic Army generals on you, I will be really pissed.

James Harris 
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