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An immortal fumble by kk (aka Brian D. Jones, Cadwgan Gedrych, Martin Miller, Edward Travis, Ron Aikas, Roy Royce, John Reid, ...) (10-May-2006)

The mathematical proof revisited
Dirk mimicked ("the sincerest form of flattery"):
> One cannot understand SR or even Galilean relativity if
> one doesn't even understand the concept of coordinates:
>   | "Let the unprimed frame's origin clock read zero when
>   | event E1 occurs at t = 0.6 and at x = 1."
>  http://users.telenet.be/vdmoortel/dirk/Physics/Fumbles/MathProof.html

A mere glance at the site shows that Dirk is simply wrong.

It is easy to see that a the following single picture can
show the entire experiment:
(Note: a clock reading zero is shown as [0].)

Primed Frame            x=1
E2                         E1
Unprimed Frame          x=1

Note that - just as was said - the unprimed frame's origin
clock reads zero as event E1 occurs at t = 0.6 and at x = 1.

All readings and distances are given per the relativistic
transformation equations.

Contrary to Dirk, there is no clock which reads two different
times at once.

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