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An immortal fumble by Androcles (24-Aug-2004)

Toothless Bite
I rarely read any of Dinky van de Torquemada's gibberish since he seldom
wants to discuss relativity anyway, but in a reply to 'Ghost in the Machine'
I happened across

| > That's elementary linear algebra...
| >
| > For instance, one (!) event with x = 0 and any t,
| > also satisfies the equation
| >       x' = -vt'

      Note to reader:
      The quote is nicely pulled entirely out of context from

Since Einstein defined x' = x-vt, when x = 0 then
x' = -vt, and not -vt'
as Dinky the Deranged claims, from which it follows that
t' = t.
Doubtless the spermless one will now argue that he really meant
chsi  = x - v.tau
but of course I can only chuckle since the stupid fuck attempted to ridicule
me over the same issue.
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