Come Well!

Aida is still there, now called 'De Coqisserie' - De Haan, 16-Jul-2008

Immortal Albums: for my private desert island

Immortal Fumbles: A physics related hobby of mine

Immortal Gems: There is room for some optimism

Boole: Calculate the Truth Table and Prime Implicants of any Boolean Expression

Man's Image

A CrackPot's Objections To The Game Of Monopoly

Dyslexics of the world...


My favourite facepalm

Five very tough questions: From a real exam

NASA Fakes Moonlanding: Irrefutable evidence!

Permutations: Count or list permuations

Permutations - Variations - Combinations


Profanity and the Weak Mind

Proof by Construction: Find the error ;-)

An introduction to quantum mechanics

Raytracing: A few simple home-made images


Seto's papers on Model Mechanics and Improved Relativity Theory (IRT)

Snake: a very addictive little game.

I'm so sorry...

Special relativity treatment of arbitrarily accelerated motion

Superstition: A friendly warning

A Trivial Refutation of one of Dingle's Fumbles: Sheesh!

Twins, Events and Transformations: The twin paradox

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