Welcome to my homepage, on this website you can find some astrophotography results that I obtained with my DSLR and ToUcam (Webcam).

Short introduction

My interest for astronomy started somewhere in 1989, after 3 years of reading books and observing the sky on my own, I joined a local Amateur Astronomy Group called ASH-Polaris. By that time I decided that I would like to do some astrophotography.

Because my first telescope was very small and I did not have a mount that could track the stars, I bought a new telescope with a vixen GP mount in 1993. I'm still using the same telescope today, the mount is changed into a GP-DX mount. The first years I only observed the sky visually with my new telescope. Then I started experimenting with a Vixen VX1 SLR Camera and some telelenses. Most of the time I used slides and limited my work to wide field astrophotography.
In 2001 I bought a webcam and started imaging some planets, the moon and the sun through my telescope and in 2005 I experimented with some prime focus astrophotography.

At the beginning of 2006 I bought a dSLR camera, I first used it on 29 march 2006 for the total solar eclipse in Turkey. In August of 2006 I used the dSLR for the first time at night.

In 2009 I bought a Lunt h-alpha filter and started experimenting with h-alpha imaging.

This site is best viewed in a resolution of 1024 by 768 or higher. For optimal viewing of the images, your monitor should be correctly calibrated so that you can distinguish all of the 26 shades in the image below.


Enjoy the site,

Wesley Verbraecken 


Last updated on 31 mei 2013.