Fotografie en modellen

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Some pictures to evaluate the resolution. The contrast ratio (ratio between dark and light) is limited, so no camera should have any problem rendering the full range. We can therefore concentrate on other properties of each pictures, like the resolution in wide and tele modus.


Nikon 5700 (1002k) 348k

Sony 707 (1246k) 519k

Nikon 990 (?k) 288k

Sony 900


Nikon 5700 (1055k) 501k

Sony 707 (1240k) 501k

Nikon 990 (?k) 356k

Nikon 990 with 3X tele (671k) 416k

Nikon 5700 with digital zoom (738k) 208k
These are pictures of the secret naval base of Oostende. The layout of the pictures is different (you have to compare with the picture above or underneath).

The older Nikon 990 pictures were taken one year ago and are not comparable (different lighting conditions), but you can see that the 3X zoom is limitedr compared to modern cameras. However, when using the bulky 3X tele converter you can get the same picture quality as with other more recent high grade models.

The Nikon 5700 has a bad digital zoom. A digital zoom enlarge the center part of an image. Manufacturers claim that their digital zoom is slightly better than enlarging a picture afterwards because the enlarging is done on the raw data from the CCD, and not on the jpg-compressed file. That claim is clearly (!) not true for the Nikon 5700.

(990K) 507k

(1044K) 507k

(1075K) 505k

(990K) 280k

(1056K) 177k

One difficulty with the sun (and digital cameras) is the infra red light. Normal film cameras are not sensitive to infra red, but digital cameras are. They are actually sensitive to a part of the IR spectrum, the 'near IR'. In this picture, the sun is way too bright (normal color should be red) because of the infra red light of the sun is over-exposing the CCD.

If you enjoy the images on the left (when the light intensity decreases), you will find more pictures on my home server: pictures. Look also at the fireworks pictures!

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