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These are some night pictures, compressed using Photoshop. Depending on the picture's content the files can be compressed to very small sizes (the original size is in black, the actual size is blue). It seems that the compression algorithme used in digital cameras always produces nearly the same size, regardless of the image content. Photoshop, taking more time can archieve better results.

Nikon 5700 (738k) 134k

Nikon 5700 (971k) 301k

Sony 707 (1197k) 187k

Sony 707 (1235k) 224k

Whereas the Sony daylight pictures are over compensated, it seems here that the color compensation is brain-dead. Here again, the Nikon has a better color rendering (the light source is mostly high pressure natrium, giving a white light with a yellow cast). If you read the accounts at imaging-resource, you will notice that they write the same. The 717 offers better color rendering.
The top images are in wide mode, the bottom ones in half tele (adjusted to give the same coverage).

Don't use the automatic ISO setting, but lock the ISO value at it's lowest value! Using the automatic setting, fhe camera will boost it's gain, trying to avoid long shutter values, resulting in a very noisy picture. Since you have a tripod, you can get much better pictures by using a long exposure.

Nikon 5700 (757k) 163k

Sony 707 (1190k) 207k

Both pictures here are taken under low pressure natrium lighting, giving an monochromatic orange cast to the scene.
The Sony has enough with half the light amount as the Nikon (f8 for both pictures, shutter is 2 seconds for the Sony and 4 seconds for the Nikon). None of the camera is able to remove the orange color, since the natrium light is monochromatic. Since there are no other colors in the picture than the yellow/orange cast, you could remove the color altogether!

To get the moving cars, you need use a small aperture, so the shutter time is increased. Don't forget the tripod! Use the timer function to trigger the picture (to avoid shaking the camera when pressing the shutter).

Nikon 5700 (705k) 159k

Sony 707 (1190k) 243k

Another picture of Oostende at night. Light source in the foreground is high pressure mercury (giving a white harsh light).

There are some nice pictures (sunset) on the next page. I'll give you some more info on how to take good looking sunset pictures.

Nikon 5700 (954k) 182k

Sony 707 (1251k) 219k

This is ON4CHL. Seems that the Sony is in focus at the infinity, while the Nikon focussed on the cables on the right. Something went wrong, due to the transmitter radio signal? Best not to use these pictures for comparison, but Noël asked that his face was made available to the world. The picture left is from a Sony DCR-TRV 900.
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