Van deze site bestaat ook een nederlandstalige versie met de klemtoon op portraitfotografie.
De technische aspekten van moderne digitale camera's komen aan bod, maar het verschil tussen film en digitaal wordt ook uitgelegd.
Er zijn ook specifieke pagina's over portraitfotografie: hoe aan modellen geraken als je fotograaf bent, informatie voor modellen zoals sedcard, portfolio, wat wilt TFP of TFCD zeggen, en dergelijke meer.

Digital Still Cameras

This page is dedicated to some of the finest digital still cameras i used.
Each of them were the best of their sort when they were released.
Of course, technology never stands still, and the cheapest camera now can compete with the more expensive digital cameras of some years ago.
All images are clickable and will show you a full size picture.

nederlandstalige versie

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JVC GC-S5 1280 * 1024, 305k

JVC GC-S5 1280 * 1024, 252k

JVC GC-S5 1280 * 1024, 156k


The first digital camera i used was a JVC GC-S5. It had a resolution of 1280 * 1024 pixels, no zoom, but it was an incredible camera for me: the pictures were fine, the printouts very cheap (did i mention i never bought this camera?) and great as a first try-out. It still compares favorably to cheap no-zoom fix-focus camera's (even the ones that boast "5 Megapixel!")


Maybe it's the time for some computer hardware (and software) information: i'm using an rather old Pentium II 400 MHz with 256 MB of RAM, two HD (one of 4 GB, the second of 10GB). Software is Photoshop 4.0 (image processing), Pagemaker 6.5 (high end text processing) and ACDSee 3.0 (image browser). And of course Micro$oft Windows 98 SE. In 2005, when i last reviewed this page, the disks were upgraded to 160GB and 40GB respectively, but i still use the same computer. No need for XP!

Showing your pictures

Showing your pictures
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Digital vs. Chemical
Nikon Coolpix 950
Sony DSC-F505V
Olympus Camedia C3030
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Nikon Coolpix 5700
Sony DSC-F707
Nikon Coolpix 5700
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