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Hi, We are Agnetha and Tom. Since 2005 we bought our own little house. When we got in we noticed that there was something missing. We both were used to have a dog so we went searching for a puppy. After a while we discovered the Newfoundlander. We had first choice of a nice litter. The biggest boy became our "Vladimir Jos of the Weeping Willow". The meaning was to have a nice house dog. But he did it so wel that many people told us to experience the pleasure of showing a great dog. So now we have the same virus as many Newfy lovers. Our live is ruled by a giant bear. We do lots of things together, walking, show, water work, obedience,... We're even considering to take a second dog, our Milleke (that will be his name). So keep on watching and maybe you will see appearing a second dog on our site, who knows ... Okay, it's a fact. On the 10th of august 2008 Hamilton arrived in Belgium, so now we have 2 newfs ... Therefor we can't us the website name "Vladimir of the Weeping Willow" any more. From now on we will be recognisable as: "Silverstone Newfoundlands". April 11, 2011 our team will grown again to 3 newfs. This time a black boy is joining us. This boy has a wonderfull caracter. Now just wait untill he grows ... keep on checking our website for more news.

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