About the artist

Waldo Van Gheluwe (pronounce hay'luwu) was born in Kortrijk, Flanders, Belgium on the 7th of May 1949 and he now lives in Ghent, nearby St- Martens Latem, Flanders, Belgium.

His father was a  professional expressionist painter, and Waldo began to show an interest in painting  at the age of 25. He taught himself  how to paint. The things that once barely caught his attention before, gradually became a reason for living.



I still remember the first time I saw a De Chirico painting: the long drawn out shadows of the buildings and objects in the late afternoon sun created such a mysterious feeling - I became an immediate fan of surreal art and I started painting myself.

Dali, Magritte, Ernst, Delvaux, the Dutch Willink, they all acknowledged the genius of De Chirico.

I decided to paint what I want to see in a painting. I was confident that sharp realism works best to get dreamlike situations, I tried several techniques to achieve this: acrylic colour, oil colour, airbrush with both. Nowadays I stick with painting the old Flemish (or Dutch) way: a gray (or monocoloured) underpainting and several layers of translucent colours. It gives me control of contrast (shadows!) and it makes interesting things happen. Inspiration was never a problem, but, having the time to paint was. I'm slowed down by a deep-seeded perfectionist streak.



Waldo Van Gheluwe