I have a more than thirty-year history as an illustrator and art-teacher. In that period a lot of art problems have been solved and a lot of clients have been pleased. Many pieces of Wall-art have worked their way into popular consciousness. As you look around my website, you will see me for who I am, an artist in love with the creative process.

If you take time with the work and allow it to speak to you, you will understand my phylosophy on Wall-art as an integrated part of living. Beauty in design and illustration speaks to the heart and soul. Therein lies the power of art with each job (and) on every occasion, on all the places in the world. I seek to combine the raw elements of each assignment into a powerfull and harmonious design, on time, and on budget. Yes, almost every job has a budget solution.

I offer professional understanding and experience, a dedication to every dream and the will to make it work. Both concept and excecution are my ultimate goals to achieve a wide appreciated seductive appeareance.

Quality by professioncy.

Luc Maris

Vissersdreef 23
2960 Brecht

00 32(0)3 633 31 72