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End 1999: New York
Summer 2002: At the Beach
March 2003: Walter + Ester
MMS shot from Erwin
Spring 2003: Gone to the dogs
Summer 2003: Birds, Plants, BBQ
Fall 2003: Harvest, ToyTrain
November 2003: Party at my Mom and Dad's
December 2003: Birth of our daughter Veronique

Some more images
Quiz location maps
Birthday card from Ester Collection of Julie Delpy pictures
Screenshots from Rome: Total War, also broadcast on BBC as Time Commanders

Daily status of the stockpicker game I participate in
Everything about Wessel
Driving directions to Ester
Some stuff about caretaking for my house in Antwerp

A video (10MB) explaining
why gentlemen prefer Belgians

All the snake programs
Hauke's sleepomat
My computer-generated spam charts
Sun-Earth Ephemerids
The quiz team I belong to: (name was based on a movie by Pedro Almodovar) Los Hombres al borde de un ataque de nervios The website of my dad
NedStat is a thorough and free counter for webpages Can you spare a few pennies ?
Is it a percussionist ? Is it a microelectronics designer ? Is it an 3l33t W3B @dM|n ? ... It's Joseph Anthony Perrara the 3rd ! The whole Bible online, also in Lego.

A guide to playing Railroad Tycoon well
Files for Medal Of Honor



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