The Manchester Terrier in Hoboken




We are Walter and Ray, a couple of dog loving people living nearby Antwerp, Belgium. 

After our second trip in 1992 to Scotland, a country we admire very much, we decided to expand our family with a West Highland White Terrier, a.k.a. “Westy”.  On August 15th that same year, we were proud to take our very young puppy, named “Scott”, at home.  He grew up to honour his race and to become a very temperamental Terrier.

He was very spoiled and as sole dog, he acted like lord and master of our home.  Until one sunny day in August 1997.  While visiting my sister in her new caravan in the Ardennes, we encountered a very ugly dog who would follow our every step.  After a while, we tried to pet her and noticed her multiple wounds.  After a not ignorable plead from Ray to Walter and in spite of his firm “NO”, at the end of the day we drove home with the drifter in the back of our car.  She was very quiet, didn’t move an inch during the entire trip back home.

The next day we took the dog to the vet who confirmed that she had been tortured, mistreated and under fed.  She was around two years at that time.  After months of efforts to get her in good shape and to win her confidence, she grew up not to be a beauty but to be the smartest and most grateful pet a human can ever wish for.  Scott’s reign was over, Pluche (that was the name Walter gave her since she looked like a flock at the start) took over his government.


Scott and Pluche

Scott and Pluche

After our beloved Pluche died on March 2nd, 2006, we were in great greave, swearing we would never get attached to any other dog again.  However, a few months later, Ray really started to feel the missing part in her life. 

After a lot of whining from Ray, Walter finally gave in and we decided to go after a new puppy.  This time however, Walter was going for beauty.  He always had a soft spot for Dobermans, Ray hadn’t.  She assumed them to be too big for the small place we’re living in.  But then, Walter discovered the Manchester Terrier.  As this dog has so many similarities with the Doberman, he instantly fell in love.  After reading a lot about the race, he started to like him more and more.  After a long search, we wound up in Genk, Belgium with Glenn and Martine Kraewinkels who had a litter of 6 dogs on October 10th.  On December 6th, 2006 we could finally bring our puppy home. 



Vulcan in Christmas time

That was the start of a tight relationship with our Vulcan, his official name is Fanatic’s Follow me.

Scott, our Westy-terrorist, passed away on May 14th, 2007 at the age of 15. 


Chalet Vulcan Vulcan pedigree Laila Laila pedigree


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