Desktop Organizer (PTBSync)
Atomic clock synchronization, Organizer, Desktop calendar and Trayclock

On this page you can find additional holidays, calendars, ... for the program PTBSync.

All files are text-files (*.txt), you can read them without using the PTBSync program.

Point on the titles of each group to go to a page with more information, including necessary images and MovingOperation-files, and with the date of the last modification.
You can look at the content and/or download all the files directly from that page.

If you want to use a chapter, simply place the corresponding text-file in the 'holidays' directory on your PC.
[Usually C:\Program Files\PTBSync\Holidays]

Calendars (prefix Holiday_Cal.)
* 13 Moon Calendar
* 30x11 Calendar
* 53-week Calendar
* 60-week Calendar

* Annus Novus Calendar
* Aristean Calendar
* Armelin's calendar
* (old) Armenian Calendar
* Assyrian Calendar
* (new) Assyrian Calendar
* Attic (Greek lunar) Calendar

* Baha'i Calendar
* Bangla Calendar Bangladesh
* Bangla Calendar India
* Berber Calendar (4 language versions)
* Broadcast Calendar

* Celtic Tree Calendar
* Chinese Calendar
* Chinese Agriculture Calendar
* Common Era Calendar
* Coptic Calendar
* Cosmic Calendar

* Decimal Calendar

* EASY Calendar
* Egyptian-Kemetic Calendar
* Erisian/Discordian Calendar
* Ethiopean months

* Fixed Week Calendar
* French Republican Calendar (one version with 1st of each month & one version with all days)
* Gaelic Calendar
* Goddess Months
* Gregorian lunar almanac

* Harptos Calendar
* Hindu Calendar

* Illuminati Calendar
* Indian Civil Calendar
* Indian Lunar Calendar
* Intern. Perpetual Calendar
* Invariable Calendar
* Iran Calendar
* Islam Calendar
* ISO-week Calendar

* Jamahiriya Solar Calendar
* Javanese Calendar (Pranata Mangsa)
* Jewish months
* Juche Calendar
* Julian months

* Kluznickian Calendar
* Kurdish Calendar

* Macedonian-Syrian Solar Calendar
* Malayalam Calendar
* Mangsa Calendar
* Masonic Calendars
* Medieval Calendar - Dismas (days)
* Minguo Calendar
* Modern Calendar

* New Age Calendar
* New Millenium Calendar
* Pataphysical Calendar
* Playing Card Calendar K Palmen
* Positivist Calendar
* Poundian Calendar
* Primavera Calendar

* Riparian Calendar
* Roman Calendar (all days)
* Runic Half Months Calendar

* (Ancient) Salamisian Calendar
* Sexagesimal Calendar
* Shire Calendar
* Sikh Nanakshahi Calendar
* Slavic Pagan Calendar
* Solar Calendar
* Sol Calendar
* Somali Calendar
* Soviet Revolutionary Calendar

* Tamil
* Temple Ankh Ritual Calendar
* Thai Solar Calendar
* Thelemic Calendar
* Traditional East Asian Calendar-East Asian time
* Traditional East Asian Calendar-Western time
* Tranquility Calendar
* Turkmen Calendar

* Vietnamese Calendar

* Worldsday Calendar
* World Season Calendar

* Xhosa Calendar

* YHVH's Solar Calendar

* Zoroastrian-Fasli Calendar
* Other Calendars (calendars with to little data to put in a separate file, mostly only New Year): African, Armenian, Atomic, Aymara, Babylonian, Byzantine, Cambodian/Khmer, Celtic, Chinese solar, Era of Abraham, Era of the Olympiads, Era of Alexander, Era of Seleucus, Era of Tyre, Era of Spain/Cæsars, Era of Augustus, Holocene Era, Japanese, Jomon Era, Korean Solar & Lunar, Lao, Myanmar, Naga, Neolithic, North Korean, Parsi, Runic, Tibet, Traditional Thai, Vietnamese.
Holy Days (prefix Holiday_Rel.)
* Aristean
* Baha'i
* Buddhist
* Church of England (fixed dates)
* Church of England (moved dates)
* Coptic
* Eastern Orthodox (Old Calendarists)
* Eastern Orthodox (New Calendarists, Revised Julian Calendar)
* Eastern Orthodox (New Calendarists, Gregorian Calendar)
* Erisian-Discordian
* Ethiopian Orthodox
* Feasts of Our Lady
* Hindu
* Islamic Religious days
* Judaic Religious days (dates in Israël)
* Judaic Religious days (dates outside Israël)
* Odinist (Asatru)
* Rasta
* Santeria
* Shinto
* Sikh Nanakshahi
* Thelemic
* Wicca Northern Hemisphere
* Wicca Southern Hemisphere
* Zoroastrian-Fasli
Country information (prefix Holiday_)
* France events
* Germany events
* European public holidays
* Japanese solar terms
* Japanese rokuyo days
* Days in the United Kingdom (entire United Kingdom and/or split in days for each country)
* United Kingdom events
* United Kingdom flag days
United States of America (prefix Holiday_)
* United States
* Individual files for each state of the USA
* United States events
* United States dates
* United States days
* United States days unofficial
* United States weeks
* United States months
United States insular area:
* American Samoa
* Guam
* Puerto Rico
* US Virgin Islands
Other files (prefix Holiday_)
* Aphelion & Perihelion Earth-Sun (UT)
* Bonza Bottler Days
* Celtic Animal Birth Signs
* Doomsday
* Egyptian Days
* Egyptian Birth Signs
* European Days - 18 March 2018 - new name >European Days-english and moved to files-page (all five languages together)
* Friday the 13th (all Fridays the 13th 1901>2099)
* Golf championships
* Harry Potter
* International Days - 18 March 2018 - new name >International Days-english and moved to files-page (all five languages together)
* Native American Birth Signs
* Party-Party days
* Seasons Northern hemisphere (Astronomical, UT)
* Mid-Seasons Northern hemisphere (Astronomical, UT)
* Seasons North(ern hemisphere)
* Seasons Southern hemisphere (Astronomical, UT)
* Seasons South(ern hemisphere)
* Sesame Street's birthdays
* Southern Birth Signs
* Solar eclipses
* Tuesday the 13th (all Tuesdays the 13th 1901>2099)
* Umbrella Days
* Unlucky Days Astronomers

Zodiacal dates:
 * astronomical
 * sidereal
 * tropical (western)

Download the complete collection in ZIP format including all 'MovingOperation' files.

Sometimes an Internet-link is mentioned on the last line(s) of the file.

Don't forget that there is a possibility to import one or a few data-lines of a chapter into the 'organizer' (if only a few lines are interesting for you).
Open the 'Organizer' window, click the button 'Holiday', the 'Special Days' window opens.
There you can OR make an entire chapter active OR import one line at a time into the 'organizer' ('Click a date to insert it into the organizer').
The second solution gives also the possibility to add a specific image (different from the image that goes with the chapter).
If you do so, don't forget to fill in the other fields ('Time', 'Repetition', ...).
This is even the only way to add data coupled to the Easter date in the 'organizer'.

Take attention for one point: if the chapter needs a 'Moving Operation' formula (always mentioned in the beginning of the chapter, you need to copy the 'MovingOperation_###' formula to your 'Holidays' directory.
The 'MovingOperation' files are in the same directory, and are included in the ZIP-file.


The ‘Images’ mentioned in the different chapters are not all the basic ‘Images’.
This link gives access to the ‘Images’ page with all ‘Images’ used in the mentioned chapters.
You can copy the images you want to use to your images directory on your PC (subdirectory from PTBSync)

[Usually C:\Program Files\PTBSync\Images (Windows XP)]

Link to the 'Images'

Some are original (if so, they have the same name as the original ‘Image’).
Some are adapted.
Some are made by me.

Images beginning with 'aan-...' are animated (moving) images.
They begin with ‘aan-..’ to group them and to separate them from the non-moving ‘Images’.
‘aan-zzz.gif’ is a separator file to separate the moving and non-moving ‘Images’ in the directory.
(above the separator the moving images, under the separator the non-moving images).


You can contact me in English or Dutch on my e-mail: dewaelheyns(a) with suggestions, remarks, corrections, …

Basic information

If you are curious about (some of) the information used to make the chapters, you can look in the mentioned Directory.
BUT this is basic information, it can be in different languages, and there is no special layout.

An example for the calendars: Word document about Era's

To the basic information

And for if you like to make your own solutions: Tips and Tricks (new version: July 31, 2007)

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