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Convective Cases

Photographic analysis of the hailstones of 25-05-2009 & 23-11-2009 (BE) (Karim Hamid)

Tornado-case of Hautmont (FR)  03-08-2008  (Karim Hamid)(Emmanuel Wesolek/Pierre Mahieu)

Overview thunderstorms 2001 (BE) (Karim Hamid)

Overview thunderstorms 2002 (BE) (Karim Hamid)

Thunderstorms in Belgium 1980 - 2000 (Karim Hamid)

Supercells & Squall Line 25-05-2009 (FR) (Emmanuel Wesolek)

Tornado-case of Grote Brogel (BE)  21-01-2008 (Karim Hamid)

Tornado-case of Dendermonde (BE)  05-02-2008 (Karim Hamid)

Supercell outbreak of 01-10-2006 (BE) (Karim Hamid)

Storm Kyrill  18-01-2007 (W/C-Eur)  (Karim Hamid) (Christoph Gatzen et al)

Thunderstorm-case (BE) 22-07-2006 (Karim Hamid)

Thunderstorm-case (BE) 17-08-2006 (Karim Hamid)

Thunderstorm-case (BE) 23-11-2009 (Karim Hamid)

Tornado Tournai 14-08-1999 (BE) (Frique Jean Yves) part1:part2:


Wichita Weather Story Archives


Winter Cases

Snowfall (BE) 12-02-2006 (Karim Hamid)

Snowfall (BE) 25 & 26-11-2005 (Karim Hamid)

Wintersituation (BE) 25 - 30-12-2005 (Karim Hamid)

Wintersituation 1984-85 (BE) (Karim Hamid)

Cold wave 1996-1997 (BE) (Karim Hamid)

Cold wave 1978-1979 (BE) (Karim Hamid)

Other Cases

Summer of 1976 (BE) (Karim Hamid)

Winterstorms of 1990 (W-Eur) (Karim Hamid)

Background Lecture

Severe thunderstorms in Belgium (Karim Hamid)  part1   part2 part3

Glossary of Meteorology AMS

Archive AMS

Archief Meteorologica

Weather articles (Kees Floor)

Synoptische Meteorologie  (Ab Maas)

Weerkunde - Meteorologie Voor Iedereen (Kees Floor)


Manual of SatelLITE Meteorology (ZAMG)

Severe Weather and Mesoscale Forecasting  (Dr. Larry Carey)

Aviation meteorology for Australia

Formal Publications of Chuck Doswell

Navy Aerographer and Meteorology Manuals

Forecasting Severe Convective Storms (Pieter Groenemeijer, Ari-Juhani Punkka, Jenni Teittinen - Estofex)


Haby's Weather Forecasting Hints (Jeff Haby)

Conference on Severe Local Storms 2004 2006 2008

Mesoscale Convecive Systems (R.A. Houze)

Atmospheric Dynamics (A.J. Van Delden)

Inleiding Thermodynamica (W.H. Wisman, H.C. Meijer, G.C.J. Bart)

Meteorological Techniques (AFWA)

Supercells - Their Dynamics and Prediction (M.L. Dahl)

Severe storm radar signatures  (Jim LaDue)

Examination of severe thunderstorm outbreaks in Central Europe (Helge Tuschy)

Three Events of Strong Deep Moist Convection in The Netherlands  (Pieter Groenemijer)

Thunderstorm predictors and their forecast skill for the Netherlands (A.J. Haklander, A.Van Delden)

Forecasting tornadoes using model- and sounding derived parameters(Christoph Gatzen,Pieter Groenemeijer

Sounding-derived parameters associated with large hail and tornadoes in the Netherlands (P.H. Groenemeijer, A. van Delden

Sounding-derived parameters associated with severe convective storms in the Netherlands (Pieter Groenemeijer)

Praktische gids voor de winterliefhebber (Karim Hamid) 




Hunt for the Supertwister 2004 (53 min)

Hurricane Forecasting (pt. 1-7) (Todd Kimberlain)

Chased Storms & VORTEX2 (pt. 1-9) (Howard Bluestein)







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