Skywatcher Explorer-200PDS

Skywatcher Explorer-200PDS / 8" f/5 Newtonian with 2" 1:10 Crayford focuser and Celestron 9 x 50 finder scope.

Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro

Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro equatorial mount with Synscan v3.27 hand controller.

Canon EOS 1100D modified

Canon EOS 1100D modified DSLR with Astronomik IR/UV block clip-filter.

9 x 50 finder guider

Skywatcher 9 x 50 finder guider with Astrolumina ALCCD5 color (QHY5) autoguider.

ADM V-Series 75mm rings

ADM V-Series 75mm guidescope rings.

Baader UHC-S

2" Baader UHC-S filter.

Hutech IDAS LPS-P2

2" Hutech IDAS LPS-P2 filter.

Baader MPCC

Baader MPCC.

Previous equipment

Nikon D70s

Nikon D70s unmodified DSLR.

Canon EOS 1000D

Canon EOS 1000D (un)modified DSLR.

Skywatcher Startravel-80T

Skywatcher Startravel-80T / 80/400mm guidescope.

astro setup