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On this site, you will find my collection of Jhonen Vasquez comics and cartoons. You will also find links to other pages on Jhonen Vasquez and his work, and more info about me.

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For all the visitors who accidentally arrived on this site and have no idea who Jhonen Vasquez is, here's a brief introduction.

Jhonen Vasquez was born on September 1st, 1974 in San Jose, California. He graduated Mount Pleasant high school in 1992, and then began film classes at De Anza college.

In 1995, he first published one of his comics (Johnny the Homicidal Maniac) in Carpe Noctem, an underground goth magazine. Johnny was his first and most popular comic series, and it was soon picked up by Slave Labor Graphics, which is still Jhonen's publisher.

More of Jhonen's comics include Squee!, I feel sick: A book about a girl and the Bad Art Collection.

Jhonen Vasquez also did a show for Nickelodeon, called Invader Zim.

Jhonen Vasquez

Jhonen likes spooky movies and sugary candy. He dislikes people who can't spell his name, people who write him to tell him they like him better with black hair than with red hair, and people in general.