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wfcFOTOvision with a Heart for Photography

Photoforum: We want to learn, try and make better Photos

Some photo friends found each other at WFC FOTOvisie. They all have the same hobby.

One of them took the leadership. Meanwhile we became a group with a similar vision of photography, but still the participants differ from each other (Starters, old foxes, profs and occasional photographers). We want to learn, tryout and make even better photos. About all this we report in the Blog of WFC.

Showing interest? Then you can make the difference. Register and be part of our group with roots in Belgium and Holland.

With this forum (blog) "WFC FOTOvisie" we want to offer photographers the possibility to make more detailled comments on the photos. We pay attention to photography. The technique of making a photo is important for you. Sharing experience and discussing/judging uploaded photos is important to you.
You stick close to the rules.

You are allowed to upload 1 photo/day.

Dimensions: minimum 1200 px longest side in landscape and 900 px in portrait. Maximum 512 kB.
We prefer not to show borders.
We ask our members to participate to the discussions by making a reply on the topics.

Please document each photo:
Why did I make this picture.
How did I make it (camera, lens, stative, flash, filters, etc…).
What was your technique (settings camera, Photoshop.
Are you satisfied about the result?