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Gezouten kabeljauw, niet gedroogd. Synoniem: zoutevis.

Aberdeen in Scotland was the place for cod, so much so that in Flanders it was known as aberdaan. In the recipe it is salted cod, not dried.
melck(e) van amandelen
Amandelmelk wordt bereid door fijngemalen amandelen (amandelpoeder) te mengen met water (en met suiker te zoeten). Het kan apart worden geserveerd (86,154) maar ook worden toegevoegd aan gerechten als smaakmaker en bindmiddel (8, 147, 122).

Almond milk is an ingredient common in Medieval European recipes, particularly in Lenten dishes (milk, eggs, and meat broth all being forbidden in Lent). The recipe below is a basic one. For some recipes we make a thicker almond milk with more almond relative to the amount of water; other recipes say "draw up a good milk of almonds with broth (or wine)", in which case the broth or wine is substituted for the water in making the almond milk.
To make almond milk: Take 1/4 cup (1 3/4 oz) blanched slivered almonds. Put them in a food processor, run it briefly. Add a little water, run it longer. Continue adding water and running the processor until you have a milky liquid. Strain through several layers of cheesecloth. Put the residue back in the food processor, add a little more water, and repeat. Continue until the residue produces almost no more milk. Throw out the residue.This should give you about 1 cup of almond milk.

Oude vochtmaat: wijn- en biermaat = 48 gelten of stopen (+/- 140 liter). Ook 4 ankers, de grootte varieert naar land en vloeistof. 6 ankers vormen een okshoofd (+/- 220 liter). 

Amber: old English unit of volume used for both liquids and dry goods. The amber was equal to about 4 bushels or roughly 140 liters. In the United States, the customary bushel is based on an old British unit known as the Winchester bushel. (More in : A Dictionary of Units of Measurement)

Zetmeel (Frans: amidon).


anker Oude inhoudsmaat: de inhoud van een anker was ongeveer 36 liter, een kwart van een aam, een zesde van een okshoofd. Veelal werd het anker berekend op 45 of 46 flessen. De inhoud van dat anker is ook gelijk aan 16 stoop. Thans nog sporadisch gebruikt voor een vaatje bier. 

Bushel: old English unit of volume used for both liquids and dry goods. This unit dates to the early fourteenth century, at least: King Edward I defined the bushel to be 8 gallons in 1303. The form used in the U.S. was legalized by Parliament in 1696. One U.S. or Winchester bushel equals 4 pecks or 32 (dry) quarts; this is a volume of 2150,42 cubic inches or about 1,2445 cubic feet, and represents the volume of a cylindrical container 18,5 inches (47,0 cm) in diameter and 8 inches (20.3 cm) deep. The U. S. bushel holds about 35,239 07 liters. 4 bushels = 1 amber.

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