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foelie Muskaatbloem: welriekend omhulsel van de muskaatnoot juist onder de bast. Myristica Fragrans.

Mace, macys, macis: a fresh nutmeg has four layers: the outer husk (that is discarded); the aril, a fleshy yellow membrane between the husk and the seed coat, which when dried is the spice called mace; a thin seed coat (that is discarded); and the nut itself, which we call nutmeg.

The Myristica fragrans is a tropical, dioecious evergreen tree native to the Moluccas or Spice Islands of Indonesia. Around 1600 it became important as an expensive commercial spice of the Western world and was subject of Dutch plots to keep prices high and of English and French counterplots to obtain fertile seeds for transplantation (more).