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Hippocras: witte of rode kruidenwijn, waarin behalve suiker, vooral veel kaneel, gember, kruidnagel en foelie worden meegekookt.

Ipocras, from Old French ypocras, hypocras, from alteration of Hippocras, Hippocrates: a 5th to 4th-century BC Greek physician whose name is associated with a fundamental collection of medical writings. 

In 16th century England, Ipocras, both white and red, was a drink of the highest nobility. At a time when both sugar and spices were rare and precious, Ipocras was reserved for the use of royalty at the most precious ceremonial occasions. Ipocras was the libation presented by the Lord mayor of London to Queen Elizabeth I at her coronation. Ipocras is very sweet and is generously flavored with several of the spices popular in old England. These include ginger, cinnamon, and clove, and they leave a wonderfully warm and lingering aftertaste.