2. Blancmengier

Blancmengier [22] Om te maken blancmengyer Neemt ionge hoendren [23] ende sietse al ontwee Dan so doet die beenderkens wte ende [24] stoot die hoenderen in eenen mortier al ontwe ende doet[25]se doere eenen stramijn met magheren sope ende dyt [26] laet dan sieden een goede wile ende dair doetmen dan [27] inne wat bloemen daert mede bint dan neemptmen [28] sofferaen dodren van eyeren ende breeckt dat ontwee [29] met wine ende doeghet dan daer al in ende latet daer[30]met syeden tot dat dycke werdt als ghijt dan recht soe [31] stroyet met poeder dyt dientmen int leste


Blancmengier [22]. To make blancmengier. Take young hens [23] and boil them in pieces [i.e. until they fall apart]. Then take the bones out and [24] grind the hens to pieces in a mortar and put [25] them through a sieve with thin broth and then [26] let it boil a good while and one puts therein [27] some flour with which it binds. Then one takes [28] saffron [and] yolks of eggs and beats that up [29] with wine and puts all of that in and lets it [30] boil therewith until it becomes thick. When you serve it so [31] strew it with powder. One serves this in the last course.