4. Om te maken blancmengier totten vissce, tot snoecken oft berbeelen ofte anderen vysch daertoe dyenende
To make blancmengier for fish, pike or barbel or other fishes serving this purpose or needing blancmengier

[11] Om te maken blancmengier totten vissce tot snoec[12]ken oft berbeelen ofte anderen vysch daer toe dyenen[13]de oft daer blancmengier op behoeft. Doet dien visch [14] backen ofte fruyten in smout oft botere Dan neempt [15] amandelen ende doet die sluymen af ende tempertse [16] met puereye van erten ende met wytten wijne ende [17] doeghet doer eenen stramijn Dan neempt witten [18] ghymbere ende tempert dat met veriuys ende suyc[19]ker dats ghenoech si dat niet suer en smake dan so set [20] dit blancmengier alleene in eenenschoonen pot tot dat [21] ghi den visch dient dan ouerghyet den visch met desen.

[11] To make blancmengier from fish, from [12] pike or barbel or other fish which you have [13] for it or which is appropriate to blancmengier. [14] Bake or fry the fish in fat or butter. Then take [15] almonds and take the skins off and mix them [16] with puree of peas and with white wine and [17] pass it through a strainer. Then take white [18] ginger and mix that with verjuice and enough [19] sugar so that it is not sour and tastes good. Then so set [20] this blancmengier alone in a clean pot until [21] you serve the fish and then pour this over the fish.