8. Tot eender kimmeneyen binnen der vastenen
To make a kimmeney during lent period

[15] Tot eender kimmeneyen binnen der vastenen [16] Neempt comijn/ sofferaen/ broot/ stoot dit al te gadere [17] ende slaghet duer eenen stramijn met melcke van aman[18]delen: ende dat waltmen ouer tvier tot dat dicke ghe[19]noech es Alst dick ghenoech es so doet daer inne broot[20]suycker. oft potsuycker ofte meelsuycker. na datment [21] goet ende sonderlinghe hebben wilt Ende latent suic[22]ker mede sieden. maer niet langhe Alst metten [23] suycker wat ghesoden heeft doeghet dan afende latent [24] cuelen Hyer inne leyt men riuier visschen ende visscen [25] wten su_ten water ende princepale baersen Hier in [26] leitmen oock visscen die in die olie ghebacken sijn Ende [27] alsmen dit recht oft dient so pleecht men daer bouen [28] te stroyen brootsuycker

[15] For a kimmeneye within fasting-time. [16] Take cumin, saffron, bread, grind this all together [17] and pass it through a strainer with milk of [18] almonds: and one cooks that over the fire until it is thick [19] enough. When it is thick enough, then put [20] loaf sugar into it, or pot sugar or meal sugar, according to how [21] good and special you wish to have it. And let the sugar [22] boil with it, but not long. When it has [23] boiled a little with the sugar, then take it off and let it [24] cool. Herein one lays river fish and fish [25] from sweet water and mainly perch/bass. One also lays in this [26] fish which have been fried in oil. And [27] when one prepares or serves this one must [28] strew loaf sugar over it.