23. Om vlote te bereyden
To prepare ray

[2] Om vlote te bereyden Syet dye vlote ende wauer[3]aetse wel dan laetse cuelen ende legtse drooghe ende scelt[4]se oft doet haer die huyt af/ dan neempt broot geweict [5] metten wermen sope vanden vissce met noten ende stoot [6] dat te samen dan doeghet duer eenen stramijn met e[7]dick ende met wine dan doet daer inne veel sofferaens [8] dat gheluwe sie ende stijf gheuerwet ende ander cruit [9] ooc ende dan legt den visch dair in Dan eest al volmaict [10] Die sommighe stroyen daer caneel op alsment ter ta[11]felen dient

[2] To prepare large rays. Boil the ray and flavour [3] it well then let it cool and lay it dry and flay [4] it or take its skin off, then take bread softened [5] with warm broth of the fish with nutmegs and grind [6] that together, then pass it through a strainer with [7] vinegar and with wine, then add plenty of saffron [8] so that it is yellow and deep coloured, and other spices [9] too, and then lay the fish in it. Then it is ready. [10] Some strew cinnamon over it when they [11] serve it to the table.