24. Om spierinck te backen oft oock andere visscen als carpers, pladdysen ofte oock wat vysch dat ghy wylt
To fry smelt or other fishes such as carp, plaice or any fish you prefer

[12] Om spierinck te backen oft oock andere visscen als [13] carpers pladdysen ofte oock wat vysch dat ghy wylt [14] Neemt raeptsmout ghebernt ende eest niet ghebernt [15] so doeget berren ende alst gebernt es so doeget ouer tvyer [16] ende latet daer op staen tot dat siedende heet si ofte em[17]mers heet ghenoech Dan neemt den spyerinck oft den [18] visch die ghi backen wilt ende waschten scone Dan so [19] laetten luttele versypen dan soe wyntelten in bloeme [20] oft terwen meel oft onghewintelt Dan suldyen alsoe [21] int voerseyde heet smout legghen ende laetent so bac[22]ken tot dat hi ghenoech es. Dan doeten wte ende laet[23]ten so versipen. Desen spierinck dyen eetmen altoos [24] met edick oft loocke carpers metten soute oft in peper [25] Pladdijs metten veriuyse Ende elcken visch sijn be[26]sonder sause

[12] To fry sprats [smelt ?] or other fish such as [13] carp, plaice or whatever fish you wish. [14] Take browned rape oil and if it is not browned [15] then brown it and when it is browned put it over the fire [16] and let it stand on it [i.e. the fire] until it is boiling hot or is [17] hot enough in any case. Then take the sprats or the [18] fish which you want to fry and wash it clean. Then [19] let it drain a little, then toss it in flour [20] or wheat meal or do not toss it at all. Then you shall lay it [21] thus in the aforesaid hot oil and let it fry [22] until it is enough. Then take it out and let [23] it drain. One always eats these sprats [24] with vinegar or garlic [sauce]; carp with salt or in pepper [sauce]. [25] Plaice with verjuice. And to each fish its [26] own particular sauce.