27. Om een amandeleye binnen der vastenen
To make an almond sauce during Lent

[8] Om een amandeleye binnen der vastenen Neemt aman[9]delen/ caneel ghimber luttel pepers luttele broot daer[10]mede ende slaget duer eenen stramijn Maer het moet [11] sijn welghestooten met heeten water Dit walt al tsamen [12] ouer tvier tot dat dicke ghenoech si ende laetter potsuyc[13]ker mede sieden Alst dan vanden vier es so doeter toe [14] ende in broot suycker dan rueret ende latet coelen Hier in [15] legtmen ende gheeftmen ghebraden visschen Hyer [16] op stroytmen caneel poedere oft witsuyckere

[8] For an amandeleye within the fasting time. Take almonds, [9] cinnamon, ginger, a little pepper and a little bread therewith [10] and pass it through a strainer. But it must [11] be well ground up with hot water. One simmers this all together [12] over the fire until it is thick enough and let pot sugar [13] boil with it. When it is off the fire add it [14] and loaf sugar then stir and let cool. In this [15] one lays and serves fried/roast fish. Over [16] this one strews cinnamon powder or white sugar.