29. Om te makene een gruen sause
To make a green sauce

[30] Om te makene een gruen sause Neemt calfvleesch [31] ende hoenderen die doet in stucken ende stoefse in swi[32]nen smout met vleeschsope. Dan neemt een hantuol pe[B1r]tercelien ende doren van eyeren Dit doet tsamen doer ee[2]nen stramijn ende doet hyer ooc met dore geweyct broot [3] ende doet dit altsamen dore met vleessope Dan doetter [4] in ghymber poedere cleyn ghestooten ende wat cleyn [5] cruyts alte samen gheminghelt met veriuys

[30] To make a green sauce. Take veal [31] and chickens, which you cut in pieces and stove/stew in pork [32] fat with meat broth. Then take a handful of [B1r] parsley and egg yolks. Put them together through a [2] strainer and add to this also bread softened with egg yolks [3] and put this altogether through with meat broth. Then put into it [4] ginger powder beaten small and some cloves and grains of paradise [5] mixed together with verjuice.