34. Een bipeper tot creften
A "bipeper" to lobster

[14] Een bipeper tot creften. [15] Neempt creften die suldi sieden ende als dye ghe[16]soden sijn ende ghesouten so dat behoort Soe suldi [17] hen af doen haer schulpen ende legghen die besonder [18] die halsen suldi fruyten maer nyet seere. Dye andere [19] spise te weten dlichaem suldi stooten in eenen mortier [20] met amandelen alte samen. Dan neempt dese cruy[21]den/ caneele/ ghimbere/ ende cleyncruyt. Dit tempert [22] met veriuys. Dan soe doeghet sieden alte samen met [23] eenen goeden deel suyckers ende redelijck suldijt sou[24]ten Ende en hebdi gheen creften so suldi nemen snoec[25]ken inde stadt van creften

[14] A bipeper for crayfish/lobster. [15] Take crayfish which you will boil, and when they are [16] boiled and salted as appropriate, you shall [17] take their shells off and separate them; [18] you shall fry the necks, but not too much. The other [19] dish, to wit, the body, you shall grind in a mortar [20] together with almonds. Then take these spices: [21] cinnamon, ginger, and cloves and grains of paradise. Mix these [22] with verjuice. Then boil it all together with [23] a good amount of sugar and you shall salt it wisely. [24] And when you have no crayfish you shall take pike [25] in place of crayfish.