35. Om te maken hoendren metter drossieren
Pig or fowl with "drossieren"

[26] Om te maken hoendren metter drossieren. Neemt [27] dunne verckens vleesch wten buycke oft oock andere [28] vleesch dat ghi wilt ende siedet Dan doeghet wte oock [29] suldijt ontwee sniden eer ghijt inden pot doet om te sie[30]den Dan suldi nemen petercelie ende speck ghesoden [31] ende dit te ghadere ghecapt dan sietmen metten sope [32] daer tvleesch inne was ghesoden Doet daer inne dese [B2r] na volghende specyen met azijn ofte edick cruyt wijn [2] sofferaen/ dan legtter tvleesch inne ende souten Dan [3] latent sieden alte ghader metten hoenderen ende latent [4] wel cort stouen.

[26] To make chickens with drossieren. Take [27] thin pork from the stomach or other [28] meat that you wish and boil it. Then take it out, also [29] you shall cut it in pieces before you put it in the pot to boil. [30] Then you shall take parsley and speck boiled [31] and this chopped together, then one boils it with the broth [32] in which the meat was boiled. Put into it these [B2r] following spices with vinegar: spices, wine [2] and saffron, then lay the meat in it and salt it. Then [3] let it boil all together with the chickens and let it [4] stew a short time.