42. Om snoeck ende palinck te bereyden
To prepare pike and eel

[5] Om snoeck ende palinck te bereyden [6] Neempt palynck ende snoecken ghebraden op den [7] ruestere ghesnede al in stucken ende so gheleyt in een [8] panne ofte in eenen pot ende als hi ghenoech ghebra[9]den es ende inde panne oft pot es soe neempt puereie [10] om daer in te sieden dye leuere vanden snoecke moet [11] ghestooten sijn ende so doer eenen stramijn gedaen Hier [12] doet inne ghimber ende sofferaen om die verwe te ge[13]uen Dan stoeft hier met den palinck ende den snoeck. [14] doeter wat souts inne also veel alst behoeft

[5] To prepare pike and [conger] eel. [6] Take eel and pike which have been roasted on the [7] grid, cut up in pieces and laid thus in a [8] pan or in a pot and when it is roasted enough [9] and in the pan or pot so take puree [of peas] [10] in order to boil in it the pikes' livers [which] must [11] be mashed and sieved. Into this [12] put ginger and saffron to give the colour. [13] Then stew this with the eel and pike; [14] put some salt in, as much as necessary.