50. Om te maken een goede sause
To make a good sauce

[23] Om te maken een goede sause. [24] Neemt de bille van enen vercken ende dat laet seer weynich sie[25]den ende alst tusschen beyde bereet es so snijdet al in cley[26]ne stucxkens viercantich als teerelinghen/ Dan neemt [27] den afval vanden kiekenen. als leuere ende maghe [28] ende die siedet Als die ghesoden sijn soe neempt pertri[29]sen dye snijt al in stucken ende stoeft dye in eenen pot [30] alsoot behoort Dan neemt witte broot dat legt te weyc[31]ke in tselue sop daer dat vercken vleesch in gesoden heeft [32] gheweest Ja op dat ghi gheen vleessop en hebt Hyer [C1a] andere suldy mynghelen doren van eyeren ende dese [2] specien suldier toe doen ghimber ende wat sofferains [3] witten wijn ende veriuys Dan mynghelt dyt seere [4] wel onder een. Dan suldi dit doer eenen stramijn [5] doen ende latent so te samen sieden. maer ghy en sul[6]let niet langhe ouer tvier laten Dan eest volmaect.

[23] To make a good sauce. [24] Take the rump of a pig and let it boil a very little. [25] When it is half-cooked cut it in small square pieces like dice. Then take [27] the offal of the chickens, such as liver and gizzard, [28] and boil them. When they are boiled take partridges [29] which are cut in pieces and cook them in a pot [30] as much as is necessary. Then take white bread and lay it to soften [31] in the same broth in which the pork was boiled [32] if you do not have any meat stock. Into this [C1a] you shall mix yolks of eggs and these [2] spices you shall add to it: ginger and some saffron, [3] white wine and verjuice. Then mix this [4] together very well. Then you shall pass it through a strainer [5] and so let it boil together, but you shall [6] not leave it long over the fire. Then it is ready.