51. Om coude sause te maken
To make a cold sauce

[7] Om coude sause te maken Neemt ionghe hoender[8]kens ende crooct die inden rugghe ende die gaffereye [9] vanden poillen. te weten leuere ende maghe Dan [10] snijt dese leuer metten maghen al in cleinen stucxkens [11] Dan suldise sieden ende rechtense dan in scotelen also [12] dat behoort. Hier doetmen op gruen sause op dat men [13] wilt. maer men moet hier op die boerden ofte canten [14] vanden schotelen legghen herte ghesoden eyeren ouere[15]mits ghesneden

[7] To make a cold sauce. Take young chickens [8] and break them in the back and [take out] the offal [9] of the chickens, to wit the liver and gizzard. Then [10] cut this liver with the gizzard into small pieces. [11] Then you shall boil it and serve it in dishes as [12] is appropriate. One serves green sauce over this is one [13] wishes, but one must lay on the edges or corners [14] of the dishes hard-boiled eggs [15] chopped lengthways.