53. Peper tot swanen
"Peper" for swans

[29] Peper tot swanen. [30] Neemt bruyn broot dat bernt ende weycket met watere [31] ende edick ende doeghet duere ende siedet ende doeter [32] inne noten naghelen/ gheloopen suycker/ caneel folie/ [C1v] ende wijn met azijn oft edick Dat suldi laten wel byn[2]den. ende alsment dan recht soe stroyt men daer oock [3] caneel op

[29] Peper for swans. [30] Take brown bread, toast it and soften it with water [31] and vinegar and put it through [a strainer] and boil it and add [32] nutmeg, cloves, melted sugar, cinnamon, mace, [C1v] and wine with vinegar. Then you shall let it thicken well, [2] amd when one serves it one also strews [3] cinnamon over.