54. Bipeper tot wiltbrade
"Bipeper" for game.

[4] Bipeper tot wiltbrade [5] Neemt wittebroot wel root geherst ende stootent ontwee [6] ende slaent doer met wine ende latent wel sieden ende doetere [7] seer luttel pepers in oft greinen ende sofferaen. maer suy[8]keret wel ende doeter inne veel caneels Hier in legtmen [9] wiltbraet oft men rechtet in sauchieren ende settet be[10]sondere biden wiltbrade

[4] Bipeper for game. [5] Take white bread toasted brown [red] and break it up [6] and pass it through with wine and let it boil well and put [7] [a] very little pepper in, or grains of paradise, and saffron. But sugar [8] it well and put in a lot of cinnamon. In this one lays [9] game or one serves it in sauce dishes and sets it especially [10] beside the game.