55. Garfereyden tot wiltbrade
"Garfereyden" for game

[11] Garfereyden tot wiltbrade [12] Neemt terwe oft gherste ende laetse weycken datse clieue [13] Oft men neme rogghe als hi stait in sijn aren al gruen [14] ende weycten in suet melc Dan neemt doren van eyeren met [15] sofferain dit suldi laten sieden tot dat dick is ende luttel [16] cruuts Dit machmen gheuen tot herten vleessce datmen [17] drooghe inde schotel leyt oft oock bi anderen wyltbra[18]de datmen drooghe recht in schotelen ofte bi rintvlees[19]she ghesouten oft bi versschen vleesche

[11] Garfereyden for game. [12] Take wheat or barley and let it soften [i.e. soak] until it bursts open. [13] Or one takes rye if it stands all green in its ears [14] and soften it in sweet milk. Then take egg yolks with [15] saffron; this you will let boil until it is thick, with [a] little [16] spice. One may serve this with deer meat that one [17] lays dry in the dish or also with other game [18] that one serves dry in dishes or with [19] salt beef or with fresh meat.