61. Sause tot vlote
Sauce for ray

[C2v] Sause tot vlote [2] Neemt okernoten cruymen van wittebroode lyef[3]coecke dat es te segghen pepercoecke ende sofferaen. [4] Dat stoot te samen al ontwee ende doeghet duer eenen [5] stramijn met wine ende met edicke ende dan doet dat [6] cruyt daer inne so ghietet op die vlote al onghesoden

[C2v] Sauce for ray. [2] Take walnuts, white breadcrumbs, lebkuchen, that is to say, peperkoek and saffron. [4] Grind it together and pass it through a [5] strainer with wine and with vinegar, and then put the [6] spices in; so pour it all unboiled over the ray.